• Philosophy
    • PhD in Philosophy, University of Duesseldorf; thesis: Epistemic Engineering. Uncovering the Logic of Deceivability and Meta-Induction. Supervision: Gerhard Schurz (University of Duesseldorf) and Stephan Hartmann (LMU Munich); Mentor: Markus Schrenk (University of Duesseldorf); graduation with distinction: summa cum laude, 2018.
    • BA+MA (“Magister philosophiæ”) in Philosophy, University of Salzburg; thesis: Definition and Reduction in Sequences of Syntactic First-Order Theories. Supervision: Georg Dorn (University of Salzburg); graduation with distinction, 2011.
  • German Language & Literature
    • BA in German Language and Literature, University of Duesseldorf; thesis: Interpreting Metaphors in the Framework of Structural Semantics. Reader: Alexander Ziem (University of Duesseldorf); graduation with final score 1.2, 2019.
  • Engineering
    • Diploma of the Higher Technical Education Institute/Technical College, HTL Braunau;

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